Amature Radio Frequencies near the Quad Cities

FrequencyCall SIgnLocationPL CodeNotes
146.880 -0.6MHzW0BXREldridge, IA77.0Club Sponsored
8Pm Sunday Night Net
Weather Net
146.700 -0.6MHzW0BXRDavenport, IA77.07pm Sunday Night Net – Host KD0JNQ
146.775 -0.6MHzW9WRLRock Isand, IL100.0
146.850 -0.6MHzW9MEPSterling IL114.8/114,8Whiteside ARES/RACES: Sun at 20:00.
146.910 -0.6MHzKC0AQSMuscatine, IA192.8/192.8Sunday at 20:30 (Club) – Sunday at 21:00 (ARES)
Also on Echolink
145.210 -0.6MHzKA9QYSMorrison, IL114.8
145.430 -0.6MHzW0CSClinton, IA100.0/100.0Sunday nights, 7:30pm
147.315 +0.6MHzKD0WYClinton, IA114.8/114.8YSF DN Roundtable 8PM every Monday
145.470 -0.6MHzKE0BXIowa City, IA100.0Linked to Echolink 813957
146.850 -0.6MHzW0JVIowa City, IA192.8Wx: Sun night
147.150 +0.6MHzW0FDACoralville, IA192.8
146.520National Simplex Calling Frequency
446.000National Simplex Calling Frequency

The General Mobile Radio Service is a land-mobile FM UHF radio service designed for short-distance two-way communication and authorized under part 95 of 47 USC. It requires a license in the United States.